About Maya

Maya Comerota is a Visionary, Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Transformational Teacher and a mom to a beautiful 8-year-old little boy. Her mission is to unlock human potential and show people how to harness the power that lives within them in order to fall in love with their lives and live their purpose every day. 


Maya is a Senior Partner and Chief Innovation Officer for one of the top ten leading online health companies with a reach of over 1.4 million people. She is also the founder of 528HzInc. -- a personal transformation company that helps companies and individuals transform their lives.

Prior to starting her own companies, Maya worked for 15 years at a Fortune 100 Biotech company. Her most recent role was as Global Head of Innovation where she created and led the largest international nurse and health coaching teams in the world, supporting the over 100,000 patients worldwide.


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